Sunday, October 24, 2010

Amazing life experiences of a branch manager

May 2003, when he was regional manager in western Hubei Z Company L, the company suddenly received a transfer order, was transferred to Wuhan Branch manager (former manager of the cost can not tell due to the investigation have returned to headquarters). To tell the truth, the promotion of the current L and did not feel very happy, after six months of hard work, the market has a few bright spots in western Hubei market, and dealers are also very smooth flow of communication, different levels of payment, every month enhancement, is ready in protect the existing market, then develop some new markets, seek for another 2-3 months of hard work and complete "liberation" Exi market.

Attitude adjustment:

"The most dangerous place is the safest place," as the most challenging and most places where there are opportunities. L knew that if the Wuhan Branch adjust well, will be a blot on his career, to do good, their ability will be a big upgrade. In the face bones, L born with fearless tenacity. Took over the Western Hubei market with new colleagues in the process of transfer of days, L has been well prepared several worst-case, and with "he is the best psychological" ready to assume office.

Further ventured:

L is arrived at a branch, office door ajar, went into a few people are just smoking while nibbling the seeds (the company's taste chemicals), the arrival of the L is not too much care, just lift be beginning to indicate what made a call. The office is messy, filled with cigarette butts seed shell, file boxes stood several oblique lie folder on the fax machine covered with dust, from time to time an odor from the toilet floated.

Calm face:

The morning program will open at 8:30 am the next day (8:00 to work in accordance with company policy), were not half until 9:00. To the people, and some breakfast, and some read the newspaper ... ...

Council was very bad, and some say can not dry, dirty and tired every day; some say could not do, distributors do not make money, do not want to do; some say may cost customers reluctant to advance reported that customers come to look for trouble.


After nearly three days of the market visit, the situation is much worse than expected to do supermarkets have to dealers because of cost "advances" no nuclear reported loss of confidence on the cooperation. Great cost in the supermarkets in the company's products can be found fresh, but also in the bottom shelf. Several other distributors are doing terminals, each are planning to return. See L, disgruntled and resentment, say the company has no credibility, something unfulfilled promise, say the purchase was a good person distribution in place start to a number of very few people came later on, the terminal not to mention shop market rate, visited nearly a hundred shops, there are only a few sales.

To steal:

When interviewing process, found that some customers still have confidence in the product itself, several officers still want to do things, but by the environment. Form a strange phenomenon, we are proud of not doing things, who do a little better, we will become the object of ridicule.

Push soldiers lineup:

Persuade existing staff through education, attitude change quickly, and are willing to work hard, and fight to stay. Existing customers, to identify with the company and to actively cooperate with the operation of ideas, and give support. Meanwhile the city is divided into several large pieces, to Area operation. In principle, each Area to select a distributor, signed a distribution agreement. Each distributor is equipped with the situation according to the number of terminal 1 to 2 on behalf of the direct selling industry. Ideas laid down after the recruiting side, while looking for potential customers.

Sun Shop City:

Known as one of the four largest fire in Wuhan, in June is very hot. In accordance with established ideas, start the "sunshine shop the market", for the Area 8 by line to sweep the streets, the morning train, the evening concluded with incentives, L in person one by one with the line, gradually formed a "catch" "than" " Super "atmosphere.

Broken cocoon butterfly:

After nearly a month of "Sunshine shop the market", the shop terminal rate of nearly 80% of the city, during which they and several stores for a number of contacts in our store are from the evasive concept of becoming the recognition of our products, to late July, several supermarkets have been successful in negotiating, entering one after another. Early admission, use of Saturdays and Sundays, enjoy activities in the interim Shopping guide to do.

Very start:

After 5,6,7 months of efforts to create a standard direct sales force, established a relatively stable distribution network, looking at July's sales reports, L smiled.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gmail frequently dropped a solution

For the "Gmail frequent dropped calls", now tested to find a solution. Test found to have dropped the case and the latest on gmail chat line has a direct relationship.

The solution is to close with chat view, choose not to view with chat. After this there will be significant changes, if there is also the original, please click the temporary files and empty the cookies. It is a pity such a good idea. Hope google will help to resolve this problem.

Attached to google on this issue Re: To correct this problem, please log on through our secured interface to your account. Through https: / / can achieve secure HTTPS access. Just paste this URL into your browser and log into Gmail. Make sure to use the web site is correct, do not ". Com", add character. In addition, to solve this problem, may need to clear your browser cache and Cookie.

Figure closing Gmail's Web chat

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To prevent the most effective way to Trojan

Anti-Trojan way to teach everyone, only for web Trojans, there are more than 90% efficiency, can prevent over 90% on your machine Trojan is executed, or even anti-virus software is able to detect the Trojan can prohibit the implementation. Before the point of principle.

Trojan is now nothing more than a page in the following ways to your machine in

1: the Trojan files into BMP files, and then with you in the machine to restore DEBUG EXE, 20% of online presence of the Trojan

2: download a TXT file to your machine, and then inside there is a specific FTP ^ - ^ for, FTP to connect their machines to download Trojan horse, the existence of the Trojan line of 20%

3: The most common way is to download an HTA file, and then the interpreter with a web control to restore the Trojan horse. The Trojan horse for more than 50% of online presence

4: The JS script, use the VBS script to perform the Trojan file, this type of Trojan horse to steal QQ, more, less stealing legend, probably about 10%

5: other

Now is the method to prevent

That is to windowssystemmshta.exe file rename, change what their casual (Win XP and Windows 2000 is in system32 under) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerActiveX Compatibility under the Active Setup controls to create a new key based on CLSID (6E449683_C509_11CF_AAFA_00AA00 B6015C), then the new key create a REG_DWORD value type of key Compatibility, and set the key to 0x00000400 can.

There windowscommanddebug.exe and windowsftp.exe gave a change of name (or deleted)

Some of the latest effects of the most popular Trojan defense

Such as the popular network smss.exe Trojan horse that is one of the main body hidden in the 98/winme/xp c: windows directory, 2000 c: winnt .....

If you are in this Trojan first, we end with the process manager smss.exe trojan is running and then in C: windows or c: winnt directory create a 0 price and is set to read-only attribute smss.exe ~ (2000/XP NTFS disk formats, then so much the better, you can use the "Security Settings" is set to read) After this Trojan did not re-infection had been tested this way for many Trojans have a great effect. After such modifications, I am specifically looking for someone to test the hair of the Trojan site, the experimental results is about 20 trojans on the site, there will be about 15 Rising alarm, another 5 did not reflect the Rising, and my machine does not add out of the new EXE file, and no new process appears, but some remained in the wreckage of Trojan IE temporary folder, they are not enforcing it, there is no risk, it is proposed that we often clean up temporary files folder and IE.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Liang No. 400 400 640 074 008 Take your pick

Download: 1304000008.doc far 400 business also under special development needs of enterprise, so that any expansion route. No longer as in the past, specifically to a single submission of applications for telecom business office, waiting for the number of working days, how many running back and forth, playing N telephone inquiry results.
There are also electronic fax, business switchboard, call centers, business conference, corporate instant messaging, are services for SMEs launched. Integrates all the communications needs of small and medium enterprises do not need to buy or install any software, hardware, you can enjoy much special in the "unified communications platform" for all services. Greatly reduces the cost of business inputs, technological inputs, inputs such as personnel, have been more than 100 million customers alike.
400 600 ordinary phone number free monthly 60 yuan corporate switchboard, super switchboard 200 per 0.3 yuan / minute (domestic)
Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan: 1.50 yuan / minute;
U.S., Canada: 2.40 yuan / minute;
Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand: 3.60 yuan / minute;
Other countries: 4.6 yuan / minute
Tail No. 300 yuan with 6,8
400 Super switchboard number is 1000 yuan last two even numbers (except 66,88,99,68) 500
Last number is 66,88,99,68 1,000 yuan
Mantissa for the AABB, ABAB 3000 鍏?br />Last number is AAA (except 666,888,9999) 5000 yuan
AAAA or 666,888,999 8,000 yuan
Other features IVR automated voice service, voice mail, fax, receive free

Contact :021-60912702 East China Office Manager Li QQ: 844059747 msn:


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Enhance the concept of active intrusion prevention IPS is not speculation

Intrusion Detection (IDS), has been put on the market for years, but more and more users find that it can not meet the new network environment for security needs.

IDS can detect passive attacks, and can not take the initiative to stop the threat to the vagaries of the network.

Therefore, it was urgent need to find a proactive intrusion prevention solutions, to ensure that the four enterprise network threat environment in normal operation.

Deep-level defense security needs

Currently, enterprises are facing increasingly complex security problems, security threats are growing rapidly, particularly the risk of blended threats, such as worms, DDoS attacks, spam mail, etc., greatly troubled the user to the enterprise's Wangluo cause serious damage.

So what options do business? Intrusion prevention system is the next generation of security systems business. It not only can be detected, can block the attack before they cause damage to the intrusion detection system to a new level. IPS and IDS obvious difference: intrusion prevention systems block the Code Red, Nimda and SQL Slammer, and the use of intrusion detection systems, users are required after each attack to spend millions of dollars for virus removal. Because of this, companies need the security strategy has not only limited to a single firewall and other protection products, but a deep-level protection strategy.

NAI launched includes host protection IPS technology strategy and network protection strategy for the two most, which is the McAfee Entercept host-based intrusion prevention solutions, technologies and rules of conduct signed by the integrated approach, providing an effective protection as Code Red, Nimda worm that attacks such as; McAfee IntruShield network intrusion prevention solutions, integrated feature library detection, abnormal behavior test, behavioral analysis, correlation, and denial of service techniques that can intelligently detect known attacks, the first place attacks and DDOS attacks, a deep level to effectively protect the enterprise network security.

IPS will replace IDS

Currently, IPS and IDS for the dispute, it was said, IPS, and no new technical breakthrough, but a conceptual speculation, Pubic do not think so. He believes that as technology development and continuous improvement, IPS will replace IDS, NAI IPS technology has been made in a number of international patents, IDS in the network is real-time detection of network attacks, while the IPS includes IDS technology In the IDS based on the increased detection of active response to block the defense function, once the attack is detected, you can take the initiative to cut the intrusion. Of course, true, IDS is already a mature product. Pubic think, IPS will take some time to replace IDS, IPS also requires the user to accept a change process, and now this change is also underway.

Currently, the face of mixed-type attacks, users need a proactive defense strategy, IPS is a large potential market for new business, therefore, NAI technically spent a great deal of input, hope to play a lead role. Now has more than 180 customers worldwide use of IPS products in China, after some users in the test trial of the IPS are also interested. Pubic believe, IPS will have a significant demand for this market, it is very useful to users. IDS products have been used for the user you want to migrate to IPS, you can purchase a license only on the user's input costs are also guaranteed.

It is reported that already has a financial company based on the original IDS, IPS purchased a few licenses to the successful deployment of intrusion protection system IPS.

In addition, IPS is a very technical product, the user's skill level requirements are high, and only on the IPS used properly, the effect will be significant, or just the opposite, but rather as IDS, so, user education and training essential. NAI will intensify efforts in this area, which is the current IPS technologies to promote the great challenges facing.

What is the real IPS

Currently there are many products on the market are dubbed "protection" of the word. But the real intrusion prevention solution should enable companies to analyze can not take measures to protect the system; the same time, it should prevent attacks result in the user's operating system, applications and data corruption. NAI believes that a good intrusion prevention solution should include the following features:

First, the real solution should provide real-time attack prevention and analysis. It should be before the start of any unauthorized activity to identify attacks, and prevent it from access to important server resources.

Second, intrusion detection is the most effective way is to adopt a mixed approach, that integrates specific attack signatures and behavioral rules of power. This hybrid method can provide the protection of known and unknown attacks, while at the same time keeping false positives to a minimum, so do not make any concessions on the loss.

In addition, a strong defense in depth security are based on the concept of protection can be deep. IntruShield's unique architecture integrates a number of patented technologies, including feature detection, anomaly detection and denial of service analysis to be able to multi-gigabit of network traffic and intelligent under the accurate detection and protection. This kind of creative control unprecedented ability of technology to protect those with the most stringent requirements of the network against known attacks to the first occurrence of unknown attacks and DoS attacks.

At the same time, enterprises have to choose whether to adopt the solution of advanced technology industry, is well-tested and used, and are subject to ongoing maintenance, it is very important.

Things correct safety and performance

IDS generally parallel in the network to bypass the network monitor in real-time detection of suspicious traffic, the performance is not significantly affected, but not IPS IDS, it is deployed mainly in the series in the network, all access to the internal network traffic to go through the IPS, if found aggression, to respond immediately to block attacks, so that will affect network performance, NAI also take into account this situation.

NAI's IPS performance is very good, IPS products in more than 20 integrated chip, 60G of cache, to ensure maximum network performance, and this is one of IPS's main selling points.

The so-called "true blue streak", despite the different opinions of the IPS's, but it is the concept of right, and it indeed has been in existence, many manufacturers are successively pushed IPS products, as long as the actual use indeed the role of the user's network security are effective, the user can try.

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Symbian Association David Wood: open source, unity and progress

The current open source technology has been integrated into people's lives. According to Gartner research report, 2011, at least 80% of commercial software will contain a large number of open source code. The open source operating system, is also a general trend, closed OS despite huge profits for companies, but almost twilight. This trend, in mobile applications, operating systems, also reflected gradually, moving in the field of open source cooperation has entered a substantive stage.

Ensure the unity of the open source platform

Although open source is the trend, but we all know, open source has a certain degree of risk - the program code fragment, we also call it redundant branches. This risk has led to the final code for the program is not uniform. In fact, this is inevitable, because people have different ideas, and open source just means that should these different ideas together.

How to avoid open source platform for differentiation, and no open-source organizations have faced major challenges. Open-source organization has rich practical experience and ability of software management is very important. In this area, and many different types of customers if they have had successful cooperation experience, determines the software platform whether, in accordance modular design to meet the different needs of customers. At the same time, equal and open source organizational form is also very critical, successful open source projects to attract more contributions to the code, but also the platform through a series of organizational activities to ensure uniformity.

In order to ensure the unity of the open source platform, we can do two things: First, to establish the organizational structure of the Council of form, of any association members can participate in the activities of the Council to submit their new program, through the Council's audit and vote to determine the future development of the platform; Secondly, the history of the platform are made to each version of a very good record and save in order to ensure a unified platform, so even if there are different customer needs something different, but required technical system integrity and unity, but also to meet their different requirements. Symbian Council since inception, the organization of the four sub-Council (platform function, structure, user interface and release), the platform has also been a number of manufacturers and operators used and recognized.

Open source, meaning that progress and participation

In the open source field, influence the level of contributions required by the extent of your decision, the more you contribute, you affect the greater the coverage. In fact, the reason why open source, which is another important reason is that - as much as possible to allow developers to experiment and improve on the source, through open cooperation can best reduce the development costs of all members of the company, which is where our expectations. Once the source of the step taken, it means an improvement.

In fact, prior to a lot of open source Symbian platform manufacturers and vendors are able to get Symbian source code. But then we realized that if we can do better - everyone can share the code It would make the developers to more easily understand Symbian technology, so that they enjoy sharing their happiness. Therefore, the June 24, 2008, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and NTT DOCOMO announced unified Symbian OS, S60, UIQ and MOAP (S), jointly create an open mobile software platform. Meanwhile, the work AT & T, LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics, STMicroelectronics, Texas Instruments and Vodafone, the companies also jointly announced plans to jointly build a Symbian associations. Open source is a gradual process, Rome was not built in a day, so we can not do all at once open-source code. But we promise all the platform code will be open in June 2010.

In addition, the open source platform's progress should be an open developer community as a driving force. When the platform's developers have any suggestions or questions, the community organizers to provide them with an open platform to express their views. Platform version of the update, which require additional modules or functional group should be decided by the majority of developers, rather than a company.

For the open-source project, every developer can have a variety of forms of participation. It can contribute to a specific software module to the platform, may also be involved in discussions on the development platform to express their views and suggestions. However, we are pleased to see that more developers are actively involved in: Software bug detection and correction, to provide technical support for online users, or even translate a specific technical articles and so on. This is to contribute for the Symbian platform. Symbian platform, for example, first reported by non-members of the company's bug, is that individuals from a Chinese developer.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HP and Novell reach a new exclusive alliance agreement

Recently, HP and Novell alliance reached an exclusive agreement to HP identity management center customers to migrate to Novell identity and security management solutions. As part of the agreement, HP and Novell will jointly offer migration services, HP will resell Novell identity and security management solutions, and Novell will license the technology to HP identity management center.

Earlier this year, HP announced that the investment will focus on identity management products focus on existing customers rather than selling products to new customers. To ensure that customers continue to receive high-quality identity management solutions, existing HP customers can take advantage of the advantages of the scheme, to migrate to Novell's industry-leading solutions. For customers do not choose to migrate, HP will continue to support it.

Novell's identity and security management solutions to help enterprise customers reduce the risk of identity and data theft, streamlining IT management and enhance business strategies and enhance the response line regulation, legal compliance, and many other business challenges.

HP and Novell migration program will provide full customer support throughout the migration process, including:

* HP identity management centers to provide current license - in the first 12 months, Novell will start to migrate to their identity and security management products provide customers with a complete license.

* Migration services - by the HP Consulting and Integration team provides services to ensure a smooth migration process smooth, the impact on customers to minimize business disruption.

* Joint development of migration tools - HP and Novell will develop tools to help their respective services team automatically and easily from a central HP identity management solutions to the migration of Novell.

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